Why eSports?

A whole new world of gaming, eSports is bringing it to life by allowing professional gamers to compete live in front of their fans. Competitive gaming has been around almost as long as video games themselves.

You can basically conclude it all began when friends started challenging each other to best their high scores in arcades. It wasn’t long before organized tournaments started being organized. The first ever video game competition was held by Atari in the year 1980. After the rise of PC gaming and the turn of the millennium, gaming tournaments are bigger than ever and they are still growing.

It is said by the year 2020 eSports will be a 1 billion dollar company. Also, every year the amount of viewers doubles, and there are more people who watch eSports than who watch the World Series or NBA Finals.

The Most Popular Games

1. League of Legends
2. Dota 2
3. Counter Strike Go
4. Hearthstone
5. Overwatch
6. Starcraft II
7. Smite
8. Heroes of The Storm
9. Street Fighter V
10. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Everything eSports

Want to learn all about eSports and how you can participate in the eSports world? Learn all about what eSports is, how it works, where to watch or how to bet, all right here. ESports is growing extremely fast and now has a fan base of millions all over the world. Its overall goal is to allow fans to engage with their favorite professional gamers and leagues and even win money through betting on their favorite teams.

Through our online gaming site, you can find all everything you need to know about eSports. We stay current every year with the newest eSports news and keep a close watch on all the major tournaments. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable in eSports and provide readers with ultimate information to keep them in the know. With so much going on in the eSports world and how quickly they keep growing it is hard to keep up without having a professional platform to rely on. We are honored to be that professional platform for all eSports fans and followers. Get all the up to date information on eSports 2018!

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